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Although landslide is a natural, geological phenomenon involving land movement it can be truly devastating when it occurs on someone’s property. It can occur in offshore, coastal and onshore environments when there is a specific sub-surface condition. More

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Infographic with Simple Explanations on Retaining Walls

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Team Renovate started the publishing of useful infographics related to retaining walls hoping that these will help those interested in the subject. The first infographic entitled Highend Engineering behind a Retaining Wall More

About Land Drainage

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In our case, the purpose of a land drainage system it’s to allow water to drain and release the pressure applied to the retaining wall.
Most floods are caused by heavy rains on a short period of time. If your retaining wall doesn’t have a drain system well done, it is possible to crack or even to collapse, after a strong storm. More

Do You Know When You Need a Retaining Wall?

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Team Renovate comes to your aid with a new infographic published on this subject. The graphic is clear and easy to read, giving helpful tips for those who want to try out the adventure of building a retaining wall themselves. More

How to Avoid Cracks in Your Retaining Wall

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The safest, best way to avoid any cracking in your retaining wall is to take matters into your hand from the very beginning and to plan it and build it so, that cracks have minimal chance to appear. More

Go Green When Building a Retaining Wall

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The ever-increasing degree of environmental awareness that characterizes the society of our days is manifesting in the San Diego landscaping and hardscaping industry too. More

When do You Need Permits for Building a Retaining Wall in San Diego County

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Though a retaining wall can add that special something to the looks of your backyard, its main role is to become a well engineered load bearing structure.