In our case, the purpose of a land drainage system it’s to allow water to drain and release the pressure applied to the retaining wall.
Most floods are caused by heavy rains on a short period of time. If your retaining wall doesn’t have a drain system well done, it is possible to crack or even to collapse, after a strong storm.

You should check the Flood maps of San Diego County, where you can find more about how your area, is categorized. There are 3 levels of risk:

  • High-risk area: 1 in 4 chance of flooding during a 30 year mortgage and is marked with letters A or V. If you live in this area you are required to buy flood insurance.
  • Moderate-to-low risk area: Flood risk for these is reduced but still existing. Marked with letters B, C or X;
  • Undetermined-risk area: marked with letter D on the maps.
  • Do you need Land Drainage Services for your retaining wall?

    You need a drainage system if your wall is higher than 3 feet and it contains a concrete slab.

    Who can do this job for you?

    Building a land drainage system requires some specialty knowledge about water and land dynamics. Our high skilled team has engineers who will make the measurements and the designs for your retaining wall using high quality technology.